Language cannot be a part of God. Before language was, God was. Language had to come into existence to fulfill one of God’s projects, so the project itself could not have been formulated in language. But how can utter stillness have intentionality? We have no conception of that, nor could we.

What we do have, nonetheless, is an admonition to know, by being still. That means that there is a knowing that comes before or under language, a knowing, I suspect, for which language is an obstacle.

And this, I also suspect, is what Paul is saying when he advises to let the Holy Spirit pray for us. (It is certainly not to start babbling, aloud or otherwise, in some unknown language.) The Spirit must also be a stillness that yet shares and receives intention, a stillness that cradles creative love.

Our theology of God is like a stick figure compared to a human being.

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