“Through him all things were made”

People tend to regard the cross as if it were simply a short episode in a well-plotted story, as if it represented the three-day loss of something that was then restored when God’s eternal plan fell into place.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Word who was with God in the beginning is the potency of love. That is what God sacrificed on the cross. God sacrificed creative power. Why? To offer it to others, to us. That power is our inheritance. We are not simply vehicles of God’s love; we are the creative agents of God’s love. The Child of God – the Word of God – died so that we, through Jesus, might receive a portion of that responsibility. Since the cross, God’s creative work is entirely in our hands. God still owns the field, but we are the only laborers in the field. Since the cross, God, alone, can accomplish nothing.

This was God’s will. This was the price God was willing to pay.  The price God paid.

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