Heaven measures, not by size, but by weight. I’m using ‘weight,’ of course, as a metaphor or stand-in, because we have so little understanding of what it is. But Jesus Himself tells us that feeling anger towards someone, though it be hidden deep in one’s soul, has the same ‘weight’, in heaven’s measurement, as committing violence in a public square.  And by parity of reasoning, a murderer’s kindness to a cockroach in his jail cell may have a greater heavenly ‘weight’ than a saint’s ministrations to thousands.

That’s the same way of understanding what Jesus was modeling when he advised his followers that they would accomplish even greater things than He had done. The point was not that they would minister to larger numbers than he could manage, but rather that anything, however small, that they as fallen creatures might do because Jesus had gone to the Father – that they might do in His name – would have a ‘weight’ unlike anything else heaven had ever contained.

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