Christianity, as a religion, is most often spread by forming a comfort zone, a tribe, and bringing outsiders into that comfort zone. In its more forceful historical applications, that often meant displacing people from their original tribes, and introducing them into its own. In its more pacific outreaches, it is an invitation, not a requirement. But the success in any case depends on the greater security offered by its tribal structure. That’s why Christianity falls back when it is confronted by a forceful and resistant tribal presence: Islam, for example, or authoritarian atheism.

As long as Christianity rests its case on its tribal appeal, it must necessarily fail in its spiritual responsibility, whatever its success in the world’s way of estimating. For the accomplishment of Christ’s intention, a church full of Christian sheep is but a small  improvement over a mosque full of Islamic sheep, or a stadium full of Communist sheep.

God did not enter humanity to establish a competitive, more beguiling tribe.

Jesus came to show the narrow way.

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