Because of the nature of the problems to which they purport to offer solution, all religions give rise to their own dark doppelgängers, their evil shadows. Occasionally, as in historical Christianity, the shadow is personified, even anthropomorphized: thus the Devil. But in all cases, because of human perverseness and rebellion, the shadows host the corruption, and often the mockery, of that particular religion: human greed and envy foul its practices; human weakness dilutes and human pride twists its sacred doctrines.

The Way of Jesus superseded the temple worship of the Jews (as it supersedes all other religions). But Jesus nonetheless cleansed the temple, out of respect for the religion itself. He argued with the scribes, not with Moses. His opponent was not Judaism, but its corruption.

For Christians, the instruction is twofold. The first is to respect the heart of all religions. The second is to illuminate the evil shadows of our own.

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